Sixth Massachusetts Regiment History

During the American Civil War the 6th Massachusetts Regiment was called to serve on 3 separate occasions. Here are the stories of the "Old Sixth."

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From parades, ceremonies, encampments, presentations and trips to Civil War battlefield, the Lawrence Civil War Memorial Guard keeps a busy schedule all with the focus on honoring those from Lawrence, Massachusetts home who served in the Civil War. If you have an interest in becoming a member information can be found here?

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Since 1993

Who we are!

From the first bloodshed at Baltimore to the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, soldiers from Lawrence, Massachusetts were a part of the brutal conflict.  Lawrence Civil War Memorial Guard honors the sacrifice and courage of those who answered the call to preserve the Union!

Through research into the lives of those who served, beautification of civil war soldiers’ grave sites and public programs that educated the public about their service, members of the Lawrence Civil War Memorial Guard have worked to develop, enhance and support the preservation, education and remembrance of Civil War history in, of and about Lawrence, Massachusetts.